Pork Belly Chronicles: 1) Pork Liempo, Manila Munchies

The loin of pork has always been the prized cut for roasting but in recent times, the humble pork belly has begun to receive the appreciation it deserves. However, the time and effort that goes into cooking it, I feel, is still not appreciated. Thus, this series Pork Belly Chronicles aims to recognise great pork belly and the good people who work tirelessly to serve you this beautiful cut.

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4023 Birmingham

Following on from my post about experiencing different cuisines, I wanted to review 4023, who have provided with me an insight into Greek food – which has been another victim of food stereotyping here in the UK. If supermarkets and sandwich shops truly represented what Greeks eat, then one would have to assume that they eat exclusively yoghurt, moussaka, grilled halloumi (which is actually Cypriot) and pitta breads with a feta, tomato, olives, cucumber, tzatziki salad with bland, grilled vegetables – go into the largest supermarket near you and try and find something Greek that I haven’t yet mentioned, you’ll most likely struggle. I had always wanted to try real Greek food but struggled to find a place deemed authentic by Greeks I know – but that was before 4023 opened in September last year.

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Experiencing different cuisines

In my first post, I just wanted to share a few thoughts about eating food from different cultures. It is a topic which I have discussed at length with many cooks of foreign cuisines that I have met and a recurring theme is that they feel that their cuisine is misrepresented. Here’s how I approach cooking and eating new cuisines. Read More »